Mitra Desa versi Mobile untuk Akses Publik

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Mitra Desa versi Mobile (Android)Mobile version of Mitra Desa (Android)

The accessibility of village information is an important point of openness and transparency of the village government. By opening village data and information to the public, it can help accelerate development participation and development of rural areas. For this reason, since April 7, 2015 we have released a Mobile version of the Mitra Desa application that can be downloaded from Playstore/Google Play to access village information.

Here are some steps to install the Mobile (Android) version of Mitra Desa:

On your Android mobile device, open the PlayStore/Google Play app.
Search for the application with the keyword Mitra Desa, or click the link
Install and open the Mitra Desa app on your Android phone
When prompted to enter the API URL, enter the URL address of the Mitra Desa application that can be accessed online. Example: Ai??
Next, you can view village information via your smartphone by selecting the available buttons/menus.

In version 1.0 (first), the Android version of the Mitra Desa application can present statistics on human resources in the village. Other community participation features will continue to be developed to realize openness and transparency in development.

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